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Feb 18th, 2016

Woohooo! I’m super pleased to let you know that my entry for Doodler Anonymous’s latest showcase challenge “Illustrate What’s on the Mind of a Chef” received an Honorable Mention.  This challenge asked doodlers to draw what’s on the mind of a chef inside the plate on the template provided.

My piece made it to the top 10 out of 83 amazing entries through popular vote. It was then awarded Honorable Mention by the Judges. In their own words,

“We’d also like to highlight and and acknowledge Meena Murugappan’s submission as an honorable mention. We fell in love with the attention to detail in her piece.”

160125 Meena's MoaC Submission

For me, the mind of a chef is like that of a young child with uninhibited creative courage, who can finger paint with the six tastes (Sweet, Salt, Astringent, Pungent, Bitter and Sour) to create something new, something intricate, something delicate and something truly memorable. In this hand drawn work, the patterns are a visual interpretation of food ingredients, representing each of the six tastes. My piece is titled “Aru Suvai” (“Six Tastes” in Tamil).

This challenge has been a wonderful experience. It has really given me a boost of confidence and the enthusiasm to go further. Thank you, DA and all the voters!
I would love to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to contact me via email, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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  • Vaishali
    Feb 19th, 2016 - 4:11 pm - REPLY

    Congratulations Meena ! Amazing …World is yours to eat… 

  • Ramya
    Feb 19th, 2016 - 12:07 pm - REPLY

    Dearest Meena,
    This piece is such a classic and makes me wonder as to what was running through the artist’s mind as she created it.
    I see a reflection of your personality in this: an architect, a perfectionist, mother,  a cook along with meticulous attention to detail and strong roots to culture 
    Keep them rollin’!!
    Cant wait to see more!


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