Meena Murugappan


Hyderabad, India


Pen & Ink




An India-based Doodle Art Illustrator, I work primarily using Pen & Ink on Paper to create monochrome illustrations.  My work is characterized by unforced whimsical themes, organic lines and delicate detailed patterns. For me, what started as a casual personal hobby has since become a passionate commitment and has lead to several personal works and privately commissioned art. My art can be found in several private home collections in India and US. Currently, I live and work in Hyderabad, India.

Artist Statement

I believe quiet reflective moments are essential to balance an otherwise fast-paced life. I found such moments chasing the nib of my pen across the textured surface of paper. 

The themes are not pre-determined when I start a piece. I begin with a simple pencil outline and then let the details reveal themselves as I work further with ink and patterns. I start inking the focal point of the piece first. Once I’m happy with that, I start working on the background and slowly make my way to the foreground. I use a mix of 0.1mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm fine point pens. Although I lean towards black and white, I have worked on a few monochromatic color pieces as well. The completed work is as much a reveal for me as I hope it will be for the viewer. 

I love the freedom that comes with not dictating the final outcome; the freedom that allows exploration, discovery and evolution; the freedom that absorbs intentions, consequences and mistakes in equal measure and allows an idea to blossom into something delicate and poetic on paper. 

I hope to continue inking new dreams and would love for you to join me on these journeys.

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